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We strive to be better... to build a better community, to brew a better beer, and to provide a better experience. At Reach Break Brewing, our primary mission is to give our friends and neighbors everything that they deserve. 


The secret is out: The Pacific Northwest is the best place on earth! It's not just about the topography or the temperate climate. It's the inhabitants of this territory which makes this place so special. Integrated within the rivers, the mountains, and the beaches lives a unique congregation of hearty individuals. We are determined. We are passionate. We are strong.

Reach Break Brewing is about bringing these people together. We are dedicated to promoting our Northwest heritage while cultivating diversity, environmental sustainability, and cultural advancement. Join us for our next public outreach or benefit night, and help us do our part to build a stronger community.


Forged in the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, emerged Reach Break Brewing. From humble beginnings on a kitchen stove top to a cutting-edge commercial brewery, we have grown by utilizing the highest quality Northwest ingredients and being patient with our wild yeast. Reach Break Brewing will always prioritize creativity and quality over corporate production schedules.


At Reach Break Brewing, we embrace innovation and celebrate diversity. This is exemplified by our ever-evolving tap list and our passion for experimentation within the brewing process. Whether it's brewing a new school IPA, fermenting a classic European-style lager, or experimenting with a ground-breaking indigenous yeast strain, you can feel assured that Reach Break Brewing will always be pushing the boundaries of a local, hometown brewery. 


This is YOUR brewery! Reach Break is the chosen place where locals hang out and where our families are celebrated. It's the community hub where you can run into old acquaintances, and where you will cultivate new friendships. Where you are always greeted with a smile and welcomed with open arms, Reach Break Brewing is where you belong!

Welcome to Astoria's living room! Welcome to Reach Break Brewing!



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