Draft Beer

Reach Break IPA

6.5% ABV

Our house IPA was concocted after experimenting with some exciting new advanced hop products. With a focus on utilizing only the best parts of the lupulin packed hop cones, we get amazing flavors without any of the negative vegetal matter. The result is a unique NW hop experience, unlike any other! Juicy, resinous, tropical, flavors of hop honey flow throughout.

5.5% ABV

NW Wheat - Wheat Ale

This Northwest-style wheat beer blends the both of both worlds! This beer is delightfully unpretentious and easy-drinking...yet you can still dive into the layers of flavors and subtle complexities within your glass. 

Scandinavian Pils - Pilsner

5.5% ABV

This farmhouse-inspired pilsner was brewed with Pacific Northwest ingredients and fermented with a Scandinavian farmhouse lager blend. Light, crisp, and refreshing with a unique rustic quality.

Sole - ESB

6.5% ABV

Inspiration for this ESB originated from across the pond, yet brewed a bit bigger to hold up to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.


7.25% ABV

This stout is sure to please the masses. Brewed with the wild NW weather in mind. As you sip, you will get elements of dark chocolate, roast, and nutty notes.

5.2% ABV


Historically, Marzen was seasonally produced by Bavarian brewers prior to the 16th century. At the time, brewing new beer was forbidden between April - September, so the Marzen was brewed in preparation for the upcoming summer. Golden-hued with medium rich notes, and a clean overall character. 

Tropic Seltzer - Hard Seltzer

4.6% ABV

This isn't just your run-of-the-mill hard seltzer! Our hard seltzer is inoculated with a select bottom fermenting wine yeast and allowed to attenuate to dryness. It's then given a kiss of tropical flavors from mango and cherries! The perfect alternative to help bring a bit of variety to your day!

5.75% ABV

Mykiss - Brett Saison

Our mixed-culture saison is a throwback to traditional European farmhouse breweries. Rustic and tart with a nice Brett funk. This is one of our favorite beers!

7% ABV

Bock - German Lager

This German-inspired beer is a delightful brew to enjoy on a crisp day! Full of flavor and limited to the season...this amber lager is a crowd pleaser! Enjoy it while it last!

7.5% ABV

Coconut Stout - Adjunct Stout

This imperial stout initially began with soft notes of roast and dark chocolate, and then we decide to age it on mounds of coconut! Full of decadence while retaining an enjoyable drinkability.

8.2% ABV

Symbiosis Sour - Dark Farmhouse

This special beer was brewed in collaboration with our great friends at 7 Devils Brewing Co (Coos Bay, OR). This complex dark farmhouse ale was fermented with a special mixed culture and then left to age on black figs. Deliciously sophisticated notes of cocoa and honey are layered with a complimentary Brett presence. Enjoy this new variation within the Symbiosis family of beers!

6.1% ABV

Magic Juice: Tangerine & Guava

This mixed culture sour ale was aged on hundreds of pounds of tangerines and pink guava! The results are sour, fruity, and completely magical! A fan favorite from our fruited sour series. Magic Juice is sure to please!

Evolution of an IPA Part: 11

8.2% ABV

The newest iteration in our ever-evolving IPA line! This double IPA is loaded with concentrated Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops! Tropical, juicy, and dank!

Blackberry Ringer

5.8% ABV

Jammy, tart, with a nice undertone of funk. This mixed-culture sour ale was aged on hundreds of pounds of Oregon blackberries! This beer is sure to leave a smile on your face!