Draft Beer

Reach Break IPA

6.5% ABV

Our house IPA was concocted after experimenting with some exciting new advanced hop products. With a focus on utilizing only the best parts of the lupulin packed hop cones, we get amazing flavors without any of the negative vegetal matter. The result is a unique NW hop experience, unlike any other! Juicy, resinous, tropical, flavors of hop honey flow throughout.

5.5% ABV

NW Wheat - Wheat Ale

This Northwest-style wheat beer blends the both of both worlds! This beer is delightfully unpretentious and easy-drinking...yet you can still dive into the layers of flavors and subtle complexities within your glass. 

Scandinavian Pils - Pilsner

5.5% ABV

This farmhouse-inspired pilsner was brewed with Pacific Northwest ingredients and fermented with a Scandinavian farmhouse lager blend. Light, crisp, and refreshing with a unique rustic quality.

Sole - ESB

6.5% ABV

Inspiration for this ESB originated from across the pond, yet brewed a bit bigger to hold up to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Evolution IPA: Southern Hemisphere

8.2% ABV

Evolution IPA is our beloved line of double IPAs. These beers are ever-evolving and always a hit! Our latest variation of Evolution takes us "down-under" to the continent of Australia! Heavily hopped with Galaxy, Ella, and Vic Secret Hops, this IPA brings huge notes of dank citrus, ripe peaches, and passionfruit!

Lagona Lager - Rice Lager

5.75% ABV

Sometimes beer is just meant to be enjoyed. This crisp summertime lager was brewed with Pilsner malt and brown rice. Clean and light, this may be the perfect beer for a sunny day on the patio!

5.75% ABV

Mykiss - Brett Saison

Our mixed-culture saison is a throwback to traditional European farmhouse breweries. Rustic and tart with a nice Brett funk. This is one of our favorite beers!

6.3% ABV

Bloom - Farmhouse Ale

Pink-hued and beautifully complex, this mixed-culture saison is aged on freshly zested limes, chopped ginger, and hibiscus petals! Bright, floral notes up front are supported with a clean citrus character and then leaves you with a delightfully pleasant ginger presence in the finish.  With each sip, you'll certainly understand why Bloom is one of our favorite beers!

7.5% ABV

Coconut Stout - Adjunct Stout

This imperial stout initially began with soft notes of roast and dark chocolate, and then we decide to age it on mounds of coconut! Full of decadence while retaining an enjoyable drinkability.

8.2% ABV

Symbiosis Sour - Dark Farmhouse

This special beer was brewed in collaboration with our great friends at 7 Devils Brewing Co (Coos Bay, OR). This complex dark farmhouse ale was fermented with a special mixed culture and then left to age on black figs. Deliciously sophisticated notes of cocoa and honey are layered with a complimentary Brett presence. Enjoy this new variation within the Symbiosis family of beers!

10.2% ABV

Symbiosis Stout - Imperial Fig Stout

Our annual collaboration with 7 Devils Brewing Co of Coos Bay, Oregon. This stout is secondarily fermented with organic white and black mission figs. It is smooth and decadent with delicious notes of dried fruit and tobacco.

Alfonsino IPA - Session IPA

4.9% ABV

This session IPA may be low on alcohol, but it's incredibly big on taste! Brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Enigma hops, it is bursting with fruity Southern Hemisphere flavors and aromas! This New Zealand inspired IPA is the perfect choice when you want a full flavored pint without the excessive alcohol content!

Hard Seltzer

Tropic Seltzer - Hard Seltzer

4.6% ABV

This isn't just your run-of-the-mill hard seltzer! At Reach Break, our hard seltzer is inoculated with a select bottom fermenting wine yeast and allowed to attenuate to dryness. It's then given a kiss of tropical flavors from mango and cherries! The perfect alternative to help bring a bit of variety to your day!


Honeycrisp - Swift Cider (Portland, OR)

6.2% ABV

Authentic modern dry cider made with fresh pressed Honeycrisp apples and champagne yeast. The honeycrisp make for a brite and tart, apple forward cider with a sweet candy aroma that lifts lightly off the pallet. No added sugar or flavorings, only real hard cider made with locally grown apples and natural fermentation.


Pinot Gris - Lujon Cellars (Carlton, OR)

We have been sourcing our Pinot Gris from the same family vineyard since 2009. Located in the far north end of the Willamette Valley, on the south slope of the Tualatin Mountains, it's a relatively cool site at around 650 feet of elevation. The southern aspect and the full east to west exposure provides all day sun. Good air circulation, extended hang times, and full physiological maturity. Rounding off the fruit flavors of pear and apple, this delicate wine is varietally true and perfectly pleasant. 


Huckleberry - Happy Mountain (Portland, OR)

Non - Alcoholic

Filtered water, organic white peony tea leaves, organic kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, Simcoe hops, organic hibiscus flowers, and huckleberry